Here’s How Naomie Harris Who Played Calypso Changed

Meet Calypso from ‚Pirates of the Caribbean‘: What Does the Actress Look Like Now?

As soon as the legendary film “Pirates of the Caribbean” appeared on the screens of viewers around the world, people immediately became fascinated by this interesting character Calypso, who played the role of a goddess pretending to be a fortune teller. The charming actress with this role quickly won millions of hearts.

Since Naomie performed her film role brilliantly and realistically, many have continued to remember the actress as Calypso. There was probably no one who disliked this charismatic and intriguing character.

To make her look like the heroine she would become, makeup artists spent hours giving her a realistic look and they succeeded.

The iconic actress began her acting career at the age of 11. At that time, she clearly realized that she was passionate about theater and decided to enter a theater university. Due to her leading role in 28 Days Later, Naomie gained global recognition and was not going to stop.

Since the actress leads a private life, almost nothing is known about her current life. People believe the 43-year-old actress is unmarried and has yet to give birth to children.

It should be noted that each appearance of the actress causes a sensation, because she always chooses successful outfits. Harris has brilliantly taken part in 20 films and is not going to stop. Despite her private lifestyle, she periodically shares her photo shoots on social media to delight her followers. As surprising as it may seem, Harris keeps his gym workouts regular despite his busy schedule.

As a result, she is in demand both in the film industry and in modeling.

Have you watched the legendary movie? What can you say about the iconic actress?

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