Elderly man surprises hospitalized wife on their 57th wedding anniversary

Jim and Elinor Russell have been inseparable since their marriage.

Throughout their married life, the spouses have a wonderful habit: every year, they celebrate the anniversary of the union of their hearts.

And formerly, on this beautiful occasion, they went on a journey.

As usual, this time too, the couple had decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary which was the 57th.

Jim Russell was an American soldier in World War II.

The youngsters first met when they were teenagers and married when Jim returned from the war.

They never stopped loving each other, it was an endless romance.

It happened that on the eve of the 57th anniversary of their marriage, Elinor ended up in the hospital.

But the loving husband did not give up. He decided to give an unforgettable surprise to his beloved.

His only son, Bo, his daughter-in-law and his grandchildren helped the grandfather prepare for this special appointment.

On the day of the party, Jim showed up at the hospital in a fancy tuxedo.

As a gift, he brought a lovely bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to let his wife know she is still adored. Elinor was delighted with this pleasant visit.

“When he came in, he made me so happy. We spent hours talking, ”said the woman.

Their grandson Reid captured the beautiful moments of this meeting.

Many people on the internet admired these wonderful photos wishing them many good times together.

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