Mom Dog Raises Smallest Kitten As One Of Her Pups

Nala was just a newborn baby left alone in a dirty alley. A kind neighbor heard the tiger cub’s meows and brought her to the Spokane County Regional Animal Service. A kitten who had never known a mother’s love was finally made strong by two amazing mothers.

Nala was found very young and needed to be placed in a foster home to survive. Jamie Meyers saw a call for help on Facebook and jumped at the chance to welcome the cat. Having recently taken in a cat who had lost several puppies, she thought Nala would be the perfect companion for the family.

“She’s a week and a half younger than my group, I said.” My mom is amazing.” She has accepted very well and we will see if she can breastfeed,” Meyers told The Dodo. “Nala took the breast right away and her mum took her right away. She started licking her, taking care of her, accepting her and showing her that she loved her.”

When the mother cat and her puppies were placed in foster homes, Nala was not old enough to find her own home. She did everything later than the others.” When everyone opened their eyes, she had them closed again and was clinging to her caring mother as she started to walk.”

Nala was alone again, but not for long. Myers took in Izzy, a dog who had just had a litter of puppies. Izzy had a lot of work to do, tending to her littermates, but she decided to take in the lone kitten anyway. The mama dog kept trying to pick up Nala, pick her up and put her with the other babies.”

She just thought one of the babies had gone and disappeared.” „She tried to get it back.“ Izzy kept insisting that Nala belonged to her, and eventually Miles decided to take a chance. Miles said: „The kitten couldn’t walk on the floor unless Izzy got up to nurse her and brought her to me. She tried to tell them.” This little creature belongs to my family.

To reassure the mother dog, Miles places Nala in Izzy’s enclosure and watches them interact. When Nala joined the group, a remarkable change happened and Miles knew he was making the right choice for this dog and this kitten. When I put Nala with the kids, she became calm and happy and everything went back to normal in her world.”

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