When an unexpected visitor interrupted the church service, the priest’s welcome was warm

The Senhora das Dores Church is in Brazil.

One day, when the priest of the church, Father José Sobreira, was leading the mass, a visitor pleasantly surprised him.

He was a four-legged friend, a doggie who entered the church wagging his tail.

But the priest had no intention of sending the dog away.

To everyone’s amazement, Father José greeted the dog with a sweet smile and began to pet him tenderly.

The priest said he believes dogs are faithful creatures and are in this world to teach us what it is to have unbroken love.

The good dog buried himself in the stockings of Father José’s clothes and played briskly.

Among those listening to the mass were those who recorded the warming scene, where padre spoke of the dog’s purity and devotion and cuddled him tenderly.

This video was posted on the church’s official Facebook page and went viral and garnered several likes.

In their comments, users praised Father José for his kindness and thanked him for his kindness.

“You are a kind-hearted man, I loved Your gesture of kindness,” wrote one of the followers.

“The man with the heart of gold, bravo, Father José! “, commented on the behavior of the priest, another user.

Most people reasoned like Father José. According to them, the unconditional love of animals should serve as an example for humans.

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