this boy was laughed at because of the shape of his nose, but he became a model

In his youth, the guy had to live hard because of the shape of his nose.

Justin Stewart was born with a unique nose shape. The cause was frontal fronto-nasal dysplasia.

As Justin himself says, from birth he had no nose. „It was a piece of skin with nostrils,“ the man said.

Stuart was very worried and very reserved. He hated his appearance. He tried to look at himself in the mirror as little as possible.

During all this time, the only person who supported him was his mother. She told her son that Justin’s nose was unique.

What was her surprise when the modeling agency wrote to her on Instagram with a job offer on set. The man signed a contract with them.

In front of the cameras, the guy felt embarrassed and looked abnormal.

He was offered another, more lucrative contract and a job in New York.

Justin admits he never dreamed of such a thing. Today, the young man collaborates with such well-known companies as Adidas, Wrangler, Tommy Hilfiger.

Justin says he will invest the money he earned. Stewart is going to go to college and get a degree in communications and public relations.

He is now famous and happy.


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