The girl of a peculiar appearance overcame insecurities and became a successful model

The feeling of insecurity arises more often in young children and adolescents.

Usually it happens when they feel insecure about how they look.

Stephanie is a girl who was insecure due to the white spots on her face and all over her body.

At first, the spots did not exist. The first time she noticed them when she was 14, on her face.

Consulting the doctor, Stephanie learned that her dark skin was undergoing a change due to the lack of skin pigment cells.

It is a skin condition that happens very rarely.

The spots were getting bigger and bigger and the girl was trying to hide them under her clothes.

At 20, most of her pigmentation is gone. So she decided to bleach the areas of brown skin.

But the girl noticed that she was losing her individuality.

The feeling of insecurity overwhelmed him completely and Stephanie never felt comfortable.

But one fine day, a makeup artist noticed her and offered to take a photo shoot.

After a short moment of hesitation, the girl accepted the proposal.

The session was successful and the photos shared on the Internet were admired by several users.

Becoming a successful role model, Stephanie felt safe and now changed her behavior towards the world and created her new life.

Now, using her blog on Instagram, she tries to help other teens overcome insecurities.

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