Ashley Graham came to a party in almost a single underwear

Until today this American is one of the most famous models, appearing in fashion shows and photo shoots of fashion houses. Despite her round and unconventional figure, Ashley thinks she deserves to wear whatever she wants. From bodycon dresses to crop tops.

In doing so, Graham encourages women to love themselves and their bodies, and promotes a positive attitude towards their bodies. Ashley is very happy with her body and even admits that she loves her belly and the stretch marks on it. The busty Ashley Graham reveals her belly without filter.

It may sound crazy to many, but the idea of ​​the model was that almost every woman’s body isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like it.

This is why the clothes worn by the stars are sometimes so unusual and extraordinary. In the past, Ashley has appeared at social functions in „wet“ dresses, but she’s also created a new look that’s no less extravagant. Ashley Graham took the world by storm in a „wet“ dress.

Graham made an appearance at this new event in a very unusual outfit. The plus-size American model wore a black „grandma“ undershirt and a completely sheer ribbon dress over it.

All of Ashley’s body features were immediately highlighted, and the look itself felt too intimate, but definitely not at night.

Fans of the celebs agreed, saying Ashley was too provocative in this look.

„You call that a dress now?“ „What is she wearing ?“ „Does she think she’s pretty?“ I think that’s too much”, “Don’t tell me this will be a trend soon”, “Ashley, please don’t be Rizzo yet”, “I’m not even going to bed in this ‚dress ‚” netizens commented.

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