The story of a schoolgirl who survived a plane crash and wandered the jungle for 10 days

This story took place nearly half a century ago. He is truly unique and has traveled all over the world. The story is told by Julianne Coppock, who is now 66, but still remembers that flight from many years ago. It was a day that completely changed his life.

The 17-year-old was on her way to visit her father with her mother on Christmas Eve, but the weather was not kind to her and the consequences were disastrous. Lightning strikes the plane, the engine begins to fail, the plane spins on its axis and crashes into the sea through the jungle.

Juliana wakes up to find the wreckage of the plane and dead people around her. The girl finds a bag of sweets at the crash site, which is the only food she has.

Then she must reach at least one human colony, but to do so she must pass through the Amazon rainforest, where poisonous snakes and other dangerous inhabitants live.

The biggest secret of the girl’s rescue, however, is that her father told her a lot about the Amazon. She understood that if you get lost, you have to find a way to the coast, because that’s where people have settled. It saved his life, instead of dying of dehydration like the other 14 survivors.

She soon found a small stream and followed it. On the tenth day, she arrived at an empty hut where she lost consciousness. She was found by local fishermen who fed her and transported her to a nearby hospital.

After a long period of treatment and recovery, Juliana decided to become a biologist, like her parents. And she began to study the Amazon rainforest.

At the age of 57 she decided to write a book about her miraculous rescue with all the details.

Today Julianne is 66, her name is Diller, she lives in Munich and works as a librarian. She hardly dares to remember what happened to her half a century ago.

She continues to travel actively because she is not afraid of flying.

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