The difficult fate of the emblematic Dion who suffers from a serious illness

Singer Dion, 54, becomes a ‚living statue‘ due to her incurable disease

It recently became known that the legendary and absolute Grammy winner C. Dion was diagnosed with muscle rigidity syndrome which means that his muscles are uncontrollably tense. It is pertinent to mention that the incurable disease makes people who suffer from it “living statues” and gradually become unable to walk or even utter a word.

According to the iconic singer, there is, fortunately, no cure for this syndrome, while she is receiving treatment that makes the unsustainable development of the disease relatively slower. It’s sad to say, but the celebrity had to cancel his Europa tour due to his condition.

Lately, the legendary star shared what really happened to him with his followers. The singer explained that she was diagnosed with a serious condition that currently affects, believe it or not, only one in a million people in the world. She spoke about the unbearable spasms due to which she is now unable to perform.

The eminent singer sadly mentioned that the symptoms have a direct impact on her daily life. Sometimes she is unable to use her vocal cords to sing and sometimes she has difficulty walking on her own.

Celine also mentioned that she is now under the control of excellent, well-qualified doctors who admit that thanks to them and her loved one, she can somehow control her condition.

The popular performer confessed that she misses her fans so much and can’t wait to delight them on stage which is now completely impossible. Celine mentioned that she is currently doing everything she can to be able to sing and live a normal life again.

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