Dog Born With Short Spine And No Neck Finds A Loving Family

Every dog ​​has the right to a good, beautiful and loving home, even if it is unusual. Just like a particular dog born without a neck and without half a spine, who suffered from his differences, finally found his ideal home.

Cooper, an American Foxhound, suffers from a genetic condition called short spine syndrome, in which the spine is tight and compressed. According to the Daily Mail, his vertebral column is twisted in two places in his neck and back. Owner Ellie Keegan says: “He appears to have no neck and you have to turn his whole body to see his back.” She explains.

This striking looking dog had a very poor upbringing. He comes from a puppy farm in Halifax, Virginia, and was apparently given up due to a birth defect. This handicap is also likely to be the result of inbreeding in puppy breeding.

A rescue found her in 2017 and brought her to a second-hand dog shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Unfortunately, he didn’t do well in his first home, as he liked to chase after cats.

However, Cooper soon found the perfect home with Ellie Keegan and her family. Many people would give up such a peculiar-looking dog, or worse, euthanize it because of its disability. Ellie has a passion for disabled dogs and is committed to giving Cooper all the love and help she can.

Ellie said she knew Cooper needed medical attention, but had the support of a second-hand dog. The dog had early health issues, including a fall that resulted in five broken necks and rotting bones. Yesterday I was playing with my youngest son and he tripped and fell, probably because he is not used to walking.

Otherwise, however, Cooper’s condition improves. Ellie told us that due to a birth defect he was still “downstairs”, but surgery allowed him to go to the bathroom on his own. Nonetheless, Ellie says Cooper is “the happiest dog” and people always look forward to seeing him. “He gets attention everywhere he goes, but he loves that attention. He has a lot of Facebook fans,” Ellie told reporters. He is a friendly dog. All dogs deserve love and care. Even if they look a bit different or have special needs. We are so happy that Cooper now has the perfect home and loves us in his own way.

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