The devoted dog hated the babysitter and the surprising reason for his behavior shocked the parents

This dog, a German Shepherd, named Kilian, was a real member of the family. Everyone loved this devoted and wise pooch.

When little Finn was a year old, the parents found a nanny for their boy, because they both worked.

The babysitter was a 22-year-old girl and her name was Alexis.

The dog couldn’t stand this nanny. Each time, when she came, the good pooch became very aggressive.

Kilian growled and moved between Alexis and Finn.

The parents became worried. There was something suspicious about their dog’s behavior.

To reveal the cause of the dog’s antipathy towards this girl and to find out what was going on, they decided to use a trick.

They had an old tape recorder that could record. Before going to work, the spouses installed it under the sofa.

In the evening, when they returned, they listened to the recording.

The result was shocking. The nanny was screaming and there were other incomprehensible noises too.

The frightened parents took the little one to the hospital for examination. Luckily, little Finn was fine.

The nanny was prosecuted for child abuse.

Finn’s parents were so grateful for their caring dog!

It was obvious that without the vigilance of their four-legged friend, this story would have an undesirable end.

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