“She will make everyone believe in love!

What does love mean? What does that mean ? Love means we want others to be happy and healthy. This is the case of pretty couple.

During a walk, Jennifer Lopez wore a voluminous Valentino sweater and baggy pants, while Ben wore a plaid shirt and jeans.

Jennifer’s ex-husband was sipping coffee with cream. Health-conscious J. Lo wasn’t ready to give up her high-calorie drink.

As a singer and actor, he was not fazed at all by his surroundings on the street. Jen and Ben hugged each other and laughed infectiously at each other’s jokes, looking like teenagers in love. The paparazzi were also surprisingly sweet and touching.

The new images of the lovers quickly became an internet sensation. They are so cute that everyone is in love with them!” “wildly beautiful and direct”, “Why do they show their feelings? It’s probably a fake anyway,” the bloggers wrote.

The diva admitted she couldn’t handle the breakup and tried to find solace in her job.

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