Adorable little boy saw his parents through glasses for the first time

This little boy, named Jackson, was born into a British family. The child was born with DiGeorge syndrome, the cause of which is a chromosomal abnormality.

Since this syndrome can be accompanied by certain diseases, since the birth of the child, his parents Charles and Cassie were fighting for his life. And luckily, they succeeded.

Due to poor health, the little one had to undergo two open-heart surgeries when he was just 10 days old.

The boy then spent more than 8 months in hospital, under medical supervision, where doctors also performed a tracheostomy so that he could breathe using an artificial respirator.

After all, the doctors revealed that little Jaxon had vision problems. He couldn’t see objects properly.

The child was taken to the hospital and after an examination the doctor prescribed glasses.

And the first time, the three-year-old toddler saw the faces of his parents.

These were incredible times for the little one, whose behavior touched the hearts of his parents and medical staff.

Fortunately, the reaction of the child was filmed and several users shared his happiness.

„To see his little face light up with joy, as the world opened up to him, was unimaginable happiness,“ Jaxon’s father said.

Now parents are raising funds to buy such a car where a special seat can be installed for the boy when he is older.

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