A touching story about the adorable twins while they were in their mother’s womb

These charming twins, Poppy and Winnie McBride, were born in Lake Jackson, Texas.

But their story began before they were born, when they were still in their mother’s womb.

Their mother, Leah McBride told the story of how her adorable little girls were born.

Her pregnancy was going normally. So the babies were just over 31 weeks old.

But when the woman went to the doctor for a checkup, it turned out that the heart of one of the fetuses, who was to be named Poppy, started beating slowly.

Since such a slow heart rate was dangerous for the future baby, the doctors decided to accept a cesarean delivery.

When the twins were born, doctors learned that Poppy had no serous problems and it was her sister Winnie who had underdeveloped lungs.

Investigating this situation, doctors came to the conclusion that Poppy had sent a distress signal to save her twin sister’s life.

“We are sure your little girl saved her sister’s life.

Since she had no heart problem, in this way she called for help, because Winnie could no longer survive with her problem, ”explained the doctors.

After they were born too, Poppy cared for her sick sister, as she did in their mother’s womb.

And now the sweet little girls are both healthy.

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