A single dad without a home or a job changes his lifestyle thanks to social media

Nowadays, social networks allow people to earn money through their accounts.

A 33-year-old Italian was able to completely change his life. Using social media, the man became an influencer and was able to earn money.

Stefano Pollari is a single father raising his only daughter on his own.

But the young dad had no way to live, no house, no job, not even a car to sleep in. Father and daughter spent their nights in a friend’s car.

It was a few years since Stefano lost his job because the family bakery, where he worked, was closed.

In order to support his small family, Stefano did any job, but earned very little.

Her daughter Ilary was already six years old. To be able to continue to live and raise your child properly, you had to change your life.

And this change took place, when one day the single father decided to share a video on the Internet, where he presented moments of daily life between him and his little girl.

This video had a great success with its users and Pollari began to open different networks and share posts there with photos of their daily life in order to earn money.

Stefano’s plan succeeded and he became a famous WEB dad.

Over time, he opened Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and he started sharing videos where he showed how their father and daughter days were spent.

“I did everything for my adorable daughter. Being a loving father, I should find a solution to manage myself in a possible way.

Lo and behold, I was lucky, ”said the influencer on the Internet.

Now they have completely changed their way of life. They have a home and a successful life. Stefano has 1.5 million followers.

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