These adorable children considered the most beautiful little ones on the planet have a charming mother

There have been several admirable children who have held the title of the most beautiful little one on the planet.

But when a beauty grows, it is always replaced by another.

Nowadays, these children, brother and sister Dima and Viola are considered incredibly charming and have filled the list of the most beautiful children on the planet.

Children take part in many projects in the field of modeling, including photo shoots, commercial shoots, fashion shows, etc.

No one can remain indifferent to the beauty of these little ones.

With their angelic faces adorned with blue eyes, they invade the hearts of all who look at their marvelous photos.

Several brands around the world are interested in these children.

Where did they take this miraculous beauty from? We can answer this question by looking at the images of their mom.

Catherine Antonova was also a model. After the birth of her children, she devoted herself to her family.

The woman did not want to hide the beauty of her children and decided to reveal it so that everyone could admire their truly magical appearance.

Several times the former model participated with her children in the photo shoots and it is impossible not to admire their captivating and aristocratic forms.

The children’s Instagram page has almost 500,000 fans.

Above all, each fascinating appearance of their charming mother in photographs with Dima and Viola causes a sensation among subscribers.

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