the media captivated by the beauty of Rapunzel

A. Perkova was an ordinary 38-year-old woman, but in some ways she was different. She had lush hair that had grown longer over the years. The heroine was about 160 cm tall, and her hair was 168 cm, which is quite amazing. Many girls would like to have such luxurious, thick and long hair.

The woman hadn’t had her hair cut in almost 30 years, 26 to be exact. Ara admits that she didn’t do anything special for this hairstyle. She washes her hair every other day and does not dry it every time.

Many people claim that blow-drying can have a negative effect on hair length.

Rapunzel owes her mother such a debt. Also, the heroine advises girls to be gentle with their hair and rid it of all chemicals.

So far, Ara has been praised for her beauty by more than 36,000 Instagram users. The husband of the Ukrainian beauty claims that his wife is a very creative and attractive woman.

The heroine’s hair, surprisingly, continues to grow, but thickens over time. At the same time, her hair becomes thicker and more beautiful.

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