This Elderly Farmer Has Become a Sensational YouTube Celebrity With His Inspirational Posts

A former farmer becomes a YouTube star at 84 with his whispered words of wisdom.

His name is John Butler and he lives in Derbyshire, England.

In the 1970s, Butler was one of the pioneers of organic farming.

At 79, he opened a YouTube channel called Spiritual Opening with John Butler.

Here he began to post videos, sharing his own philosophical outlook on life.

But he caught people’s attention and rose to popularity after he gave a social media interview in 2016 where he expressed his insightful attitude towards life.

In his videos, John uses soothing and pleasant effects that are often accompanied by a tingling sensation, including soft voices or whispers.

The man inspires and motivates his adherents to overcome difficulties in life, use inspiring ideas to help others on his spiritual journey.

With his blue beret and appropriate gloves, he invades the souls of his followers whose number reaches 182,000.

“There are several people who have an excited mind and have become nervous in the face of the pandemic and other challenges these days.

But aren’t people looking for calm and serenity? “Butler told the BBC.

“I’m glad my voice can calm people down,” says the 83-year-old grandfather from Derbyshire, who has been a YouTube sensation for a few years.

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