Spending a huge amount of money on operations, the girl really looks like Barbie doll

This Girl Spent Thousands of Dollars on Surgery to Fulfill Her Cherished Dream

Meet the absolutely unique resident of Hungary, a 22-year-old girl who spent around $170,000 to fulfill her cherished dream of being the exact copy of Barbie doll. As a result, she cannot find a proper job due to her doll-like appearance.

According to the girl, since early childhood she has been obsessed with the Barbie doll and decided to have her first operation when she was only 17 years old.

„Playing with Barbie dolls is actually the very earliest memory of my childhood and my transformation into her started when I was 17.“

For the sake of her dream, she underwent a number of plastic operations and her boyfriend was not really against her body modifications. In addition, he often helped her with the amount of money required for operations.

Her plastic surgeries include two rhinoplasties, breast augmentation, chin reduction as well as a drastic change in the shape of her jawline and forehead.

The girl previously worked as a receptionist, when because of too much attention she had to quit.

She also mentions that with such a non-standard appearance, many refuse to take her seriously. The girl’s heart has not been busy since she divorced her husband in 2019.

She’s not going to stop and plans on having more surgeries for a more stunning appearance, including third rhinoplasty, rib removal and a number of other procedures.

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