How does the star of the Indian film „Disco Dancer“ present himself today?

Since audiences first saw the film in 1982, “Disco Dancer” has become a true classic of Indian cinema, and some are still streaming it today.

Remember that this is the story of Jimmy, who grew up in a poor family and performed in the streets with his uncle to earn bread. One day, a scandal breaks out in a rich man’s house and the boy and his mother have to flee to a foreign town. Over the years, the boy has grown into a handsome man and gained notoriety.

At the same time, his feelings are completely upset when he meets a girl. However, she turns out to be the daughter of a wealthy man who abused her mother years before.

It should be noted that the path of Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty was not smooth. He was reluctantly invited to join the project because he was of low birth. Nevertheless, the talent of the young man was evident and his rhythmic ear as well as his charm contributed greatly to his career.

Today, moreover, the protagonist is over 70 years old and remains in great demand in his country of origin. The actor married his second wife, partner Yogita Bali, and became the parent of four children. One day the man had an affair on the set of another movie, and when his wife found out, she tried to say goodbye to her life. Everything worked out and over the years the woman forgave her lover.

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