Graham showed that women can look great even with extra weight

Graham has proven that it’s confidence and energy that make women look gorgeous

Graham is among the most sought after and successful models that possess a non-standard appearance.

Despite her imperfections, extra weight, and birthmarks, she looks gorgeous and shines with her glory, attractiveness, and femininity.

Graham shows that women who are overweight and taller deserve to be loved and accepted. The iconic model knows what outfits to choose in order to look good hiding all the flaws and imperfections. She is a firm believer that it is confidence and energy that make women beautiful.

As the outstanding model mentions, she can afford to wear whatever she wants and still look fantastic even when the clothes clearly emphasize her extra pounds.

The American model and mother of three successfully chose a bodycon dress with rather daring cutouts and looked unbeatable as usual.

The model chosen from the origin and the interesting design made its size visually much slimmer, and the star became the highlight of the event.

Needless to say, her fans were pleasantly surprised by the fantastic looks of the model praising her confidence, attractiveness and energy.

How did you like the plus size model’s provocative outfits? What are your impressions ?


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