A moving scene took place when this little boy invited his friends to a ceremony

Dave Eaton and Andrea Melvin had been married for 10 years.

However, the spouses were unable to give birth to the babies they so desired.

So the couple decided to adopt a child.

After several searches on social networks, they found a five-year-old boy, whom they fell in love with from his first photo.

His name was Michael Clark. Their first meeting was love at first sight.

Being welcomed the toddler, after a year, the spouses decided to adopt him officially.

On the day of the adoption, the ceremonial room was full of children.

The little boy had invited his classmates to participate in the ceremony of his adoption.

His teacher, Mrs. McKee, who supported the little boy in carrying out his plan, was also present at this very special event.

These were moving and at the same time very warming moments.

To congratulate their friend and express their love, the friends prepared red and pink paper hearts.

The children came to share the happiness of their friend who would have a warm home and loving parents.

Moments from this solemn celebration were captured and shared on social media and went viral.

Several users congratulated the boy, wishing him a life full of joy.

From now on, the enchanted boy would be surrounded by parental hugs.

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