The pregnancy photo Lively shared by her husband has everyone delighted

Reynolds posted a photo showing pregnant Lively in pajamas next to Santa Claus

The iconic and gorgeous brides are also busy preparing for the winter holidays.

The recent photo shared by Ryan showing his beloved pregnant wife in her pajamas next to Santa Claus left no one indifferent. Many rushed to make jokes about the lovely woman’s looks considering Reynolds has a wholesome sense of humor.

As the famous comedian said, they had a chance to meet Santa Claus and he was pleased with the delicate smell of cinnamon rolls and sangria.

We can definitely say that the iconic couple certainly know how to crack jokes about each other and not get offended. After a while, the man added the same image to the store’s writing that he accidentally “cut off” his dear wife’s beautiful shoes.

He jokingly said, “I cut off her shoes in the photos I shared. This is unforgivable and I regret having offended everyone with this joke. I have to exercise my brain.”


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