The 3-year-old claimed a friendly bear helped him survive two freezing nights by keeping him warm

The story takes place in Northern California. One fine morning, Casey Hathaway, a three-year-old boy, was playing with his friends in the small garden of his grandmother’s house. Suddenly something exciting catches his eye and the young boy moves into the dense forest near the house.

Afterwards, a strange incident took place and no one has seen the boy since. The farm is located in the middle of nature and it is very easy for children to get lost. The rescuers searched hard, but it was as if Casey was underground. The inhabitants of her grandmother searched well, but no one could find her traces. This child disappeared and was finally found two days later near the landscape.

Luckily, a local lady had already seen the little baby crying in the woods. However, the lady searched for the sound with the help of her little dog, but could not find anyone. So she called the police, who carried out a thorough investigation and were finally able to find the missing young boy.

However, the boy was found soaked and frozen in the bushes. After Casey recovered, he was asked to elaborate on his day and he said he was not alone in the forest. He said that this bear allowed him to survive by keeping him warm with his fur. He also said she was not afraid of the bear and wanted to see it again.

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