Bellucci’s ex-husband Cassel’s second wife wins millions of hearts with her charm

Cassel Kunakey’s wife in a tight sheer dress left everyone speechless

As we know, Tina Kunakey, the second wife of French actor V. Cassel is a popular and successful Italian-French model.

The charming woman was born in Toulouse, France in 1997, whose mother is of Italian descent and her father is African, born in Morocco. Despite his popularity, unearthly charm and attractiveness, Tina faced heavy criticism at the start of his relationship with Cassel since Bellucci fans were not used to seeing the actor with anyone else, but the Italian diva.

Many refused to take their relationship seriously, as there is a whopping 30-year age gap between the film star and the model. While 4 years ago the couple got married and 9 months later Amazon, their adorable heiress came into the world.

The gorgeous 25-year-old model was in a pretty sheer fabric bodycon white and pink dress and with her lush curly hair her look was more harmonious and unbeatable.

„How can you be as beautiful as her?“ , “A French goddess!”, “I can admire her forever”, “Does she have the right to be too beautiful?”. This is how netizens reacted.


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