The young woman spends hundreds of thousands of euros to look like the legendary doll

These days, cosmetic surgery brings any fantasy to life.

Barbara Luna Sipos is a resident of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

This 22-year-old girl spent $165,000 to make her dream come true.

Since childhood, she has been obsessed with Barbie dolls.

To look like her ideal, she has undergone 10 cosmetic surgeries so far and there will no doubt be more too.

Barbara underwent her first cosmetic procedure at the age of 17, so she increased the size of her breasts.

“I loved playing with my Barbie dolls and wanted to look like them,” the Barbie woman said.

The first operation was followed by other cosmetic surgeries and the girl completely transformed into a silicone creature.

In 2016, she got married, and her husband, being very happy with her appearance, financed another round of plastic operations.

The young woman enlarged her buttocks, underwent rhinoplasty and changed the entire shape of her face. Completely changed, she became unrecognizable.

Before, Barbara worked at a reception as a secretary, but according to the doll, she could not continue her work, because she charmed men by driving them crazy.

But she does not hide that after all these modifications, people do not take her seriously.

This Barbie adores the attention of the opposite sex and is looking for a new husband, since in 2019 the silicone woman got divorced.

The young woman does not like to stop. Apart from a new marriage, she is preparing for other aesthetic operations.

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