the star of “Amies” pleasantly surprises her fans with her perfect physical condition

Aniston, 52,’s video has gained over 2 million likes

Recently, the legendary and famous actress J. Aniston at 52 years old shared a video of her stretching workout with her fans leaving everyone speechless. The fact that the video gained 2 million likes is not really surprising since Internet users could not believe their eyes seeing the perfect physical state of their idol.

In the sequence where the iconic star of “Friends” managed to stand on one elbow while raising his leg, netizens were very impressed. Nobody remained indifferent to the perfect stretch of the 52-year-old woman.

The studio is designed in nude and neutral colors providing a warm atmosphere. There is no doubt that absolutely every detail looks aesthetically satisfying.

It should be noted that the sharing of the video where the perfect stretching and flawless body of the Hollywood star are clearly shown makes a deep impression on netizens giving them one more reason to admire their idol. It’s no surprise that the video of Pitt’s ex-wife has won a huge number of likes and positive comments.

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