The life story of Clarke Duncan who gained global recognition for this role

Do you remember the legendary movie “The Green Line”?

In fact, Clarke has tried very hard to succeed in the film industry and play her unique role in it.

Meet the A-list actor who rose to fame for his legendary role in the movie ‚The Green Line‘, which tells the story of a man sentenced to death for killing two girls. While few people know what the movie star’s life was actually like.

The legendary man was born into an incomplete family where the single mother raised him and his sister completely alone. Growing up, Michael joined a basketball club and entered a special college for African Americans. In order to keep his family, the young man got a job as a security guard at the club, then became a bodyguard due to his physique and strength.

It should be noted that Michael began his acting career at the age of 30. His first big role was in the movie “Armageddon”. He had the chance to meet Bruce Willis, who paved the way for the film “The Green Line” for the actor. After this great movie, the iconic man took part in “Sin City”, “Planet of the Apes” and many others. What’s more, Duncan was actively engaged in voice acting in a number of cartoons, commercials as well as computer games.

Michael had a heart attack 10 years ago, followed by cardiac arrest. At first he was helped by his girlfriend, but he soon died in hospital.

Have you watched the legendary movie?


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