Julia Roberts is much more beautiful in person than many young celebrities.

Famous actress Julia Roberts has always been a very natural person.

She rarely wears makeup, and if she does, not very often. Her makeup is always sober and clean.

Does the star seem not to wear makeup in everyday life? And if not, does it have a significant impact on its image?

Recently, the paparazzi caught Julia taking a walk. The photo caused a stir on the Internet, but the actress was completely makeup-free and her hair was neatly tied up. At the same time, despite her age, the celebrity looks very natural and fresh: the look of Roberts, 54, would be the envy of anyone.

Loyal fans are unanimous: many actresses should follow Julia’s example and look gorgeous for their age, even without makeup. While many young celebrities ruin their skin with permanent makeup, Ms. Roberts has maintained her natural beauty.

The actress takes care of her body as well as her face. The mother-of-three is slim thanks to her healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and working out with a personal trainer.

The jealous will say that all her beauty is the result of her material wealth. But why aren’t other rich celebrities as beautiful as Julia?

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