Elderly Spouses Cry Adopting Tiny Puppy After Dramatic Accident

Elderly spouses Miguel and Ada Rojas, residents of Florida, were grieved after a tragic accident.

Recently, they had lost their adorable doggie.

One day, when the couple were walking with their 3-year-old Chihuahua, two stray bulldogs attacked their beloved Gucci.

Due to several deep wounds, the good pooch closed his eyes forever and the 89 year old man was hospitalized for high blood pressure and his wife, Ada received bites from aggressive dogs.

When the couple returned home, their daughter, also called Ada, visited her parents.

Ada has decided to give her parents a present. He was a cute two month old puppy.

Seeing the little doggie, the couple could not hold back their tears. They started crying, but of course it was tears of joy.

The mother said the puppy made them happy and would help them live.

This touching scene moved the girl very much.

“I was sad and happy at the same time,” Ada said as she watched her parents cuddle their new furry friend. “And I understood that pet dogs are part of the family,” she added.

Ada was very happy to please her parents. She was sure that with their new friend, they would be much more comfortable.

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