This 94-year-old man had a baby and appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records

Believe it or not, this 94-year-old man has become the oldest father on Earth

Today’s amazing story is about R. Raghav, born in India, 1916. Ramjit worked as a policeman. For a time, this man was a very hard-working investigator.

So he did not find time to start a family, and when he was already retired, he was ready for family life.

The man had known Shakuntala since she was still a teenager, when she was in a serious relationship at the time so the man didn’t stand a chance and quickly got used to it.

And after more than 30 years, the man and Shakuntala started dating and soon got married. Raising their cattle and cultivating the fields, the spouses lived happily on a farm.

To everyone’s surprise, the elderly couple had a baby in 2010 and Ramjit was officially considered the world’s oldest father. Many programs and shows have taken great interest in their incredible story rushing to invite them for interviews.

Believe it or not, the unusual spouses had their second baby which seemed to be a son again, but the couple dreamed of a daughter. Surprisingly, their children were born perfectly healthy.

While soon the atypical spouses break up and begin to live separately on the farm. Since then, journalists and photographers have not been interested in it.

Unfortunately, this man passed away in 2020 and, at the time, the oldest father in the world was 104 years old.

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