they are born every 500 years

The story of this young mother shocked the whole planet and everyone who heard of her tried to help her. Her home country also supported her as much as possible and took responsibility in difficult times.

The young mother and her husband live in a small town in the Czech Republic. The couple already had a baby when they revealed they were expecting their second child. When she went to her first check-up, she was told the baby was developing normally.

However, during the next check-up, the doctor told her that the babies were not alone: ​​they were twins. Then, on the third date, they were told it could be triplets instead of two babies. Then, after each examination, they discovered that the woman had another child in her womb.

Moreover, it was not until the woman entered her second trimester that the specialist announced that she was carrying five children at the same time. It was a real emotion for the couple and for the hospital as a whole.

The delivery went smoothly and the young mother gave birth to her five healthy children, naturally and without any medical intervention. His children were remarkable: four sons and one daughter.

As their story spread, people of different nationalities sent gifts and clothes to support them. Today, all children grow up normally and in good health.
Their only problem should be financial, although their neighbors and relatives help them as much as they can.

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