The story of a boy who helped his father warm his newborn twin siblings

A few years ago, a new breastfeeding method was introduced in a Scandinavian maternity hospital. This method is medically known as “skin to skin”. This method was considered the best solution. Shortly after the generalization of this solution, a photograph became the topic of conversation on the internet.

The image shows a boy warming his newborn brother and his father warming another baby. Also, this method is particularly suitable for premature babies, who are placed on the mother’s or father’s breast. In fact, this method is very effective for newborn babies. It gives the baby a peaceful and positive feeling.

Skin-to-skin also reduces postnatal stress in premature babies and speeds up their survival and recovery. Thanks to this marvelous method, the survival rate of premature babies weighing between 1 and 1.5 kg has recently increased from 30 to 70%.

So, when a premature baby is born, the parents are surprised and do everything to survive. With the constant help and support of doctors, of course. As a result, their five-year-old son is looking forward to this event. The boy also wanted to set up activities for his twin brother. His parents, who are also members of the hospital staff, have therefore decided to collect him.

They believe it is important to engender compassion for others from an early age. So the boy took the initiative to warm up one of his younger brothers, and soon the users could no longer be indifferent to his actions.

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