The incredible similarity between the iconic Jolie and her brother

Have you ever seen actress Jolie’s brother, James, who is her exact copy?

Although James Haven looks incredibly similar to his sister i.e. legendary actress A. Jolie and is only 2 years older than fame, the man failed to attract Hollywood and become as popular and globally recognized as his sister.

As their father left the family too soon, James took on the role of father and became his sister’s protector and biggest support. Their bond is so inseparable and strong that it seems like nothing on Earth can ruin their relationship.

However, they had some disagreements while the actress planned to divorce Pitt. James claimed the father had an absolute right to see his children, while Jolie strongly disagreed.

Prior to Jolie’s marriage to Pitt, the brother and sister were often seen together at parties and shows and no one would deny that they look incredibly similar. Some have even claimed that James is the exact copy of the iconic woman.

They are so close to each other that once they dared to kiss each other on the lips, which caused scandals and raised many questions.

Share your opinion about them! Does James really look like his sister?


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