The Hollywood celebrity gave an interview about his struggle with alcoholism and depression

The actor is happy that he has finally overcome everything.

It must be heartbreaking to hear such news about your favorite artists…

Brad announced in an interview that he was at the „ultimate point“ of his career.

The departure of the 58-year-old actor could come sooner than expected.

The popular actor has over 30 years of career in Hollywood.

In the interview, the celebrity talked about her decision to quit smoking as well.

Thoughts about her moderation began in 2016 when Jolie filed for the breakup.

The well-known celebrity shed light that he attended Alcoholics Anonymous as well, where he had a large group and it was private as well as optional and therefore secure.

He noted that it effectively gave him freedom, as well as the chance to reveal any unsightly sides. There is so much value in that.

He also mentioned that he is on cloud nine and finally got over it all…

It was probably one of Pitt’s most candid interviews, where he talked about themes that had been hidden for years.

You can continue to check out the rest in the clip below.

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