The fate of the 610 kg man who was helped to lose weight by a king: what he looks like now

Shahri, a South Arabian, shot to fame in 2013 when the 22-year-old’s name was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest person alive at the time. Khalid’s weight was 610 kg, and his inability to walk through doors forced him not to leave his apartment for several years.

How long could he have stayed there if it weren’t for King Abdullah Al Saud of Saudi Arabia? When he learned that the 610 kg record holder lived in the kingdom, he decided to help the boy lose weight. He also paid for the treatment and assumed all costs incurred.

An association of loaders, plumbers, doctors and construction workers came together to allow the 610 kg man to receive treatment. Experts removed part of the building’s wall and used a forklift to lower the specially designed bed Khalid was sleeping on.

It was then discovered that Khaled’s excess weight was due not only to overeating and poor diet, but also to hereditary abnormalities, which needed to be treated as soon as possible.

Many specialists worked together to perform the procedure and Khalid managed to lose almost 400 kg in three years. He is now able to walk around on his own and do the necessary exercises to lose weight.

Khalid Shari is 31 years old and weighs almost 72 kg. He plays sports and leads a healthy lifestyle. This man is ready to do anything to avoid being recorded. In any case, he has no trace of his weight.

Khalid is deeply indebted to Abdullah Al-Saud for offering him a ticket to a new life. Alas, the king passed from life to death in 2015 and he could not see the end of his weight loss. What do you think of this story?

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