How is the girl who had premature aging syndrome now?

Xiao Fengn, a Chinese teenager, lives in Heishan County, Jinzhou.

The girl was born with a very rare genetic syndrome, a disease that causes the body to age faster than usual.

Premature aging syndrome has been known for a long time, but no vaccine against this genetic disease has yet been invented.

Xiao Feng, whose mother allegedly suffers from the same disease, was regularly bullied for her appearance.

“When she was in elementary school, she was often mistaken for a parent, and whenever she went to town with her mother, people would stare at them and whisper,” her father Wang Hongde told the agency. press Xinhua.

The harassment was so severe that Xiao Feng decided to discontinue her studies after graduating from middle school.

“I’m 15, but I have the face of a 60-year-old woman. I so want to look like a high school student,” the girl wrote in a letter to philanthropist Guo Mingyi.

After receiving the letter, Guo applied to Shenyang Sunline Plastic Surgery Hospital.

He also organized a fundraiser. His efforts raised a total of nearly $26,000.

The only way of treatment of this disease was a series of plastic operations.

After Xiao Feng’s surgery, the Daily Mail wrote:

“A Chinese teenager who had a rare genetic condition underwent an amazing transformation after plastic surgery. »

Although Xiao looks older than her 15 years, she is very happy with the result. The girl is grateful to everyone who supported her.

The benefactor Guo will help the girl that she still undergoes some plastic interventions.

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