Celine Dion suffers from a terminal illness

The Grammy Award-winning artist suffers from muscle tension syndrome. The disease turns patients into „living statues“, as they gradually lose the ability to move their bodies. They end up being unable to walk or talk.

Celine reached out to her fans today. The singer said that her disease was incurable, but that there were different treatments that could slow the progression of her condition. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she had to cancel her European tour.

The singer admitted that these symptoms affected her life. I’m not as active as before. Celina knows this and is very affected by it. The spasms have a huge impact on all aspects of my daily life. Sometimes I find it hard to walk. Sometimes I can’t sing with my vocal cords like I used to,” Dion revealed.

This mother of three is doing everything she can to get back to work while battling a terrible disease. Céline says she was lucky to have a wonderful team of doctors giving her the support she needs.” Céline added: “I am grateful to my doctors and my precious children for their support during this difficult time.

Dion admitted that he misses his fans a lot and wants to get back on stage as soon as possible. He trains daily with a sports doctor to improve his physical condition. I can’t wait to play again, but to be honest it won’t be easy. I miss you a lot. I miss you, you surround me when I play for you.

I always give 100%, but my current state does not allow me to do so. I have to take care of my health so I can see you again. I hope you are on the road to recovery. That’s my goal and I’m doing everything I can to improve,” she added.

Céline’s dream is to heal quickly and get back to work.

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