A dog called Artemis saved two little sisters lost in the woods

Artémis rescues 2 young girls lost in the middle of the forest. When her two little sisters get lost in the forest, her golden retriever accompanies them and watches over them. The dog helped them. The girls were found about two kilometers from their home.

7-year-old Abigail and 4-year-old Cecilia were playing in the yard, but after a while the girls became quiet. When their mother came out to see what the problem was, they were away. The lady immediately panicked and called the local emergency services.” I was scared, I didn’t know where my little ones were.

But it wasn’t just the girls who went missing, there was also a dog called Artemis. They were playing with the dog in the yard and they left. I searched the neighborhood, but no one was there.” An emergency search team of over 100 people was immediately organised. Volunteers also agreed to help, and drones and even helicopters were used.

The search lasted five hours. The sisters and the dog were found in the forest, two kilometers from the house. The girls were terrified and huddled together. The faithful companion watched them closely, keeping them warm and safe. Artemis started barking as soon as she heard someone approaching, which helped the search team find the missing person.

Abigail hugs Artemis tightly with one arm and her sister with the other. And Cecilia was lying on the dog’s stomach. They got ready to spend the night in the forest. Families remember that day with horror.” It was very scary, the unknown is scary. We didn’t scold our daughter, we just sat in silence and hugged each other. Also, the mission is very grateful to the dog Artemis, who was always there, did not abandon the girls and kept them safe.

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