Brave 94-year-old grandfather’s longevity proves you can train at any age

Mario Sanna, a former railway engineer, first time visited a gym after his retirement 30 years ago.

Sanna left her native Italy for the UK in 1954 to work as a railway worker.

After 35 years of work, when he retired, he decided to change his way of life.

So Mario started training in a gym.

He practiced sport exercising regularly several means of training.

But the elderly man has had an operation and now visits the gym twice a day tomorrow.

The 90-something man reveals the secret to his longevity and describes his practice in the gym: „As the legs support the rest of the body, I think I have to lengthen them first and then the whole body, including the arms .

Then I do pilates to strengthen the deep muscles and I lift a weight of 25 kilos. »

The man advises to also do weightlifting in order to increase heart rate, maintain bone density and prevent muscle atrophy.

Mario also explains that cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming and brisk walking, are very useful for the elderly.

The nonagenarian considers his friends at the center as his family. They recently celebrated his 94th birthday together.

Mario is the oldest member of his gym and he advises older people to take care of physical workouts without wasting time. This will help them stay in shape.

„Older people should visit fitness centers, especially when they are alone, at least to get out of the house and take care of something,“ advises Mario Sanna.

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