This young man has transformed the 800 year old cave house into a dream home

Nowadays, we come across several inventive and interesting ideas in the field of housing construction.

And to carry out their projects, creative minds use any materials.

Angelo Mastropietro worked in Australia as a manager in a large company.

But his health forced him to quit his job and return to his native UK.

The young man bought an old cave for 63,000 euros which had been used as a dwelling for 800 years and he set about rebuilding his troglodyte house.

First, Angelo started the work by making the walls straight. In total, he removed 70 tons of stone.

The difficulty was not knowing how to go about it, as there are no examples of cave house renovations in the UK.

But he had a pretty good idea of ​​the style to achieve.

After nine months of hard work, the transformation of the cave house was complete.

She had five bedrooms. Entering through the living room, one arrived in the kitchen, which led to the bathroom.

Angelo had spent hours hand-carving a tub out of rock. The house was equipped with a wood stove.

He also added windows to his habitat for natural light.

For his new home, Angelo spent 170,000 euros.

“If you want to follow a project, you have to be ready for it financially, as well as physically and emotionally.

The house has a soul. It’s a magical place, it’s a dream come true,” Angelo said.

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