The girl with the biggest lips in the world had her hair enlarged for the 27th time and showed the result

In the pursuit of beauty and to get closer to the ideal, many people have crossed the line. Perhaps the most famous example is that of Ken Alive. But Bulgarian beauty Andreea Ivanova is determined to beat this famous monster.

It all started not so long ago when, at the age of 20, Ivanova decided that she wanted to look like a Barbie doll.

But, according to André himself, his lips remain his main asset. She is not officially in the record books yet, but she is unofficially considered the girl with the biggest lips in the world.

According to André himself, it was a gift he gave himself for this Christmas.

Yes, even without the swelling, she looked terrible.

She had already planned the next one.

Currently the maximum size is 75E.

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