How does Angelina Jolie’s brother look?

They have already been in the limelight for a scandal.

Angelina Jolie’s siblings have been overshadowed by their famous big sister. James Haven Voight was two years older than his sister and also tried to conquer Hollywood, but Jolie’s personality and willpower far surpassed him.

Angelina and James are childhood friends. Their father left home when they were very young, so their brother replaced him with a girl. It seems that nothing can change the relationship.

However, during Brad Pitt and Jolie’s difficult divorce, they separated. James suddenly declared that the father needed to see his children, to which Jolie simply replied in the negative.

However, in the 1990s, they were seen together at social events.

The bloodlines were instantly recognizable on the outside: both are characterized by their pale eyes, cat-like gaze, and identical chins. They were so close that they once allowed themselves to be kissed on the lips in public.

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