At the time, the wonderful funny quadruplets were very well known: how they are now

A video was shared on the internet 20 years ago and has gone viral.

She made several users laugh a lot, because it was impossible to remain indifferent while looking at her.

The happy mother is lying with her little quadruplet girls.

When she starts laughing, all four immediately follow her. The four wonders still laugh when they hear their daddy’s voice.

This video has been on the internet since 2002 and was filmed by the babies‘ father, called Steve.

Steve managed to capture such fun moments that delighted thousands of people.

At that time, the video won the award for the funniest video and for this laughable scene, the family received a $25,000 prize.

At the time, it was a large sum for a young family.

Natural pregnancy with four children rarely happens. At first, the ultrasound showed three babies, and the fourth appeared during delivery.

The girls came into the world healthy and grew normally. They wore such clothes very rarely.

Thus, the parents tried to show the individuality of each of the quadruplets who are so similar and so different at the same time.

Currently, the sisters are 20-year-old pretty girls, and each of them has chosen their favorite profession.

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