This is what the hair of the girl who hasn’t used shampoo in six years looks like

After not using shampoos and conditioners for 6 years, the girl showed the result

Today, with the modern means of creating different types of self-care products regarding our skin, nails and hair, there are a variety of products to protect and keep our hair deep clean and shiny using different shampoos. and hair masks. However, our 27-year-old heroine Laura Ashley decided to do an interesting experiment with her hair and hasn’t cleaned it in six years.

As surprising as it may seem, Laura used water strongly refusing to buy any type of hair conditioners, shampoos and balms. And the end result surely left everyone speechless.

Also, Ashley has become a vegetarian and consumes plant food.

In order to protect the ends of her hair from splitting, she often applies oil. It should be noted that after six years of using only water, the girl notices positive changes in the quality of her hair and the rate of growth.

Despite the negative comments and accusations of ignoring hair care hygiene, the girl continues her routine and there are millions who admire Laura and her activities.

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