Madonna’s Boyfriend Isn’t Recognized in New Family Photo

Madonna’s current boyfriend, dancer Akramaric Williams, 63, is 35 years younger than the star. He may not even be the pop icon’s son, but his grandson. Mother and son“. Madonna’s unrecognizable boyfriend in the star’s new family photo.

Despite the age difference, their romance has lasted for almost three years. And to believe appearances, the relationship between the two lovers only strengthens. Madonna has known her parents Ahlamalik for a long time (who, by the way, are not against her relationship with the singer and even want a marriage).

For many months she had been thinking about how she would introduce her lover to her children. And she, we recall, the star has six – two of her own and four adopted. They were all well received by Williams.

It’s not surprising: this one is almost the same age as Lourdes, Madonna’s eldest daughter. Even nine-year-old twins Esther and Stella Ahlamalic are closer in age than his beloved. And that’s especially evident in a rare family photo taken in Switzerland on New Year’s Eve. Madonna followers can’t even immediately tell the difference between her boyfriend and her kids. Can you?

Madonna’s boyfriend is not recognized in the star’s new family photos.

For those who are a little lost, we explain who is who. From left to right: the Lourdes girl’s boyfriend, Jonathan Puglia, Lourdes herself (25 years old), her daughter Mercy (16 years old), her son Rocco (21 years old), the musician Yodeller, her son David Banda ( 17), Madonna’s boyfriend Ahlamalic Williams (27), daughter Esther (9) Madonna (63), yodeller musician, daughter Stella (9), yodeler musician.

„Madonna and seven children,“ one person wrote sarcastically of the photo. Others have started leaving comments under this photo and others of the star (who has only one boyfriend), saying Madonna should have gone with an older man. Well, Photoshop shouldn’t be so overused.

Of course, Madonna’s vibrancy and sexiness are dazzling in her 50s and 60s. Nevertheless, such an age difference with her lover is considered by many to be ambiguous.

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