Lana Del Rey gained 30 kg and tried on a dangerous outfit. Even skinny girls shouldn’t wear it.

Lana Del Rey, 37, still has her own style, but that has changed recently.

The singer became known not only for her music, but also for her 60s-inspired look. Lana opted for little dresses and hairstyles with pom poms and wore long arrows. Del Rey’s look had a unique and special appeal.

However, the Hollywood star’s figure was different back then, with graceful legs and a narrow waist. In 2020, Lana gained weight and underwent a drastic change from old-fashioned dresses to casual and modern ones.

Del Ray gained over 30 kg, but did not eliminate mini dresses from her wardrobe. Lana’s recent appearance at a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Women’s Guild event is testament to that.

On the red carpet, she wore a bright red dress with a very open neckline, accentuated by a waistline that only slightly hid her thighs. Lana’s strong, chubby legs were matched by a pair of gold Gucci shoes with a slight heel.

But loyal fans never stopped supporting their favorite, regularly commenting at the bottom of posts that they liked the singer anyway. Some are happy that Lana has managed to gain weight after years of anorexia. The Hollywood beauty is now in good health.

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