It is difficult to recognize the little girl after 6 years

Here is Eden who has won all the beauty contests: How is she doing after 6 years?

Meet the adorable girl who won more than three hundred beauty pageants at the age of 6 whose mother’s cherished dream was to make her lovely daughter famous all over the world. The little girl left no jury indifferent to her pure and unreal beauty.

“She looks like a Barbie doll!” , “Eden looks like a doll with impeccable beauty and uniqueness”.

Believe it or not, Eden has won over 300 beauty pageants, each charming with her unearthly beauty and kindness.

Currently, Eden is already 17 years old and lives a typical life of an ordinary teenager, but which was derived from a carefree childhood because of her mother’s dream of making her famous. However, the only daughter is difficult to recognize after 6 years.

Eden lives like an ordinary teenager without bragging about her past accomplishments.

Do you think she has become unrecognizable?


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