Is it really them? 10 Unrecognizable Actors In Their Early Roles

Sometimes an actor’s career successfully begins in childhood. Some are lucky and they find themselves in a successful project when they are still children. But more often than not, workers in this creative sphere have to go through a lot of low-key, not-so-memorable roles to finally get the one that will turn their whole lives upside down.

Our favorite actors have gone on to fame and success in different ways. But they eventually managed to reach heights that prove their talent and ability to work hard. We remember the first roles of Hollywood actors, when no one knew them yet. How were they, these budding stars?

Jake Gyllenhaal started filming when he was 11 years old. It was the movie City dudes, in which he played a boy named Dani Robins. And after participating in the filming of the picture “Donnie Darko”, the actor began to receive invitations to star in various projects. The career is up. A rich filmography has developed. This year, the movie “Ambulance” was released with the actor in the main role.

The first notable role of the young actress refers to the television film “One Against The Wind”, which hit the screens in 1991. Before that, the actress already had filming experience, but very insignificant. It will take six years for Kate to star in Pearl Harbor, and two years later she will be the most beautiful vampire in the “Another World” film series. And last year she again surprised the audience with a rather interesting role in the film “Beauty on the peloton”.

The actor first “shone” in the film “Brothers in Arms”, released on the screen in 2001. Fame came to him after the main role in the film “Stuart: the past life”, based on real events. Today, he is one of the sought-after actors. A role in the movie “Venom”, or in “Pointed visors”. Next year we expect the release of the movie “Destruction” with Tom Hardy in the lead role.

You can forget any actor, but not Peter Dinklage. And it’s not just his small size, but also his incredible charisma. Some associate him with a role in the series “Game of Thrones”, but the actor’s career began much earlier. In 1994 he starred in the film “Life in Oblivion”. Peter has a rich filmography. One of the latest works is the main role in the film “Cyrano de Bergerac”.

The American actress began filming as a child. In his background there are many great roles – the films “Requiem for a Dream”, “Dark City” and others. One of her earliest works was the role of young Deborah in the 1994 film Once upon a Time in America.

Before Emmy signed a contract with Nickelodeon for the filming of the series “Netakaya”, the young actress made her debut in the film “Cocaine” by Ted Demme. It was in 2001. And 2022 released the film “The Irony of Fate in Hollywood “based on our”Soviet Irony of Fate.

I’m sure most of you didn’t imagine this brutal actor in this form. It’s a role in the 1997 movie “Her Majesty Mrs. Brown.” And now in his filmography everything is full of action or comedy, where he always plays a strong hero. We are waiting for the release of the film “Avion” with him in the main role.

It all started in 1987, when Elizabeth starred in Aria as Marrietta. Then there were successful and failed roles. The last work marked the year 2018 – participation in the filming of the television series “Members of the royal family”.

In 1989, the film “Russians” hit the screens, although before that the actor had episodic roles in quite successful projects, but he went unnoticed. Perhaps the most brilliant character played by Phoenix is ​​the joker. By the way, we expect the continuation of his story in 2024.

The actress was only 9 years old when she starred in the movie “North”. Then there were secondary roles. Great success and fame brought the image of the Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scarlett’s latest work is Asteroids City. Which of the actors has changed a lot since the release on the screens of their first films?

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