Incredible aerial footage: Thousands of trees planted in secret in tribute to his wife

The proofs of love are not the same for each person, they are all unique and specific.

According to psychologists, women and men express their love in different ways.

But we can also note that the expression of love is individual for each of the lovers.

When one of the spouses leaves this world, the other tries to keep the memory of his (her) beloved.

And here is an extraordinary, incredible and touching proof of love from a husband who lost his adorable wife.

His name is Winston Howes. He fell in love with Janet at first sight and married her in 1962.

The couple lived in Gloucestershire, England, on a farming estate.

The Howes family was comfortable with their child, their beautiful home, and their fertile, flourishing land.

But unfortunately, the darling of Winston left this world at 50, because of an incurable disease.

It was a great loss for her loving husband who could not imagine his life without his wife.

So he decided to carry out a particular project.

The man started planting thousands of trees in front of their house, in a place where Janet liked to spend her free time.

He succeeded in his work, but no one knew what he had created.

17 years have passed and one fine day, a pilot noticed from above a splendid and not ordinary landscape.

Pilot Andy Collet discovered the image of a huge heart among several trees.

When his secret was revealed, Winston explained that he had planted thousands of oak trees in such a way that the space between the trees took on a heart shape.

And in this way, he paid tribute to his adorable wife.

And in the middle of that heart, every year, Winston plants pretty daffodils, Janet’s favorite flowers, so she can gaze at this beautiful view from the sky.

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